My work is filled with nostalgia and fantasy. In combination with European and Asian influences, I’ve created various interpretations of fairytales, myths, and legends. There is no limitation of mediums that I used to express these stories, whether it be pencil, paint, sculpture, or computer animation.

      I was born in Japan where my father, a U.S. Navy corpsman, was stationed at. Due to this, I am fascinated by East Asian culture.  I enjoy the delicate designs and exquisite colors used in pottery and sculpture, particularly the red-brown and yellow-green colors. Elements from Japanese woodblock prints and ukiyo-e paintings have influenced my drawings by the use of thick line work and extreme flatness in perspective.

      I had the opportunity to live in Italy for a few years, which exposed me to European art.  As with European art, the idealized human figures in sculptures and paintings have influenced the way I draw the human form. I draw portraits emphasizing particular facial features such as closed eyes, prominent cheekbones, and broad noses. These features are a reflection of what I believe is ideal in human appearances.

      I start with loose value sketches before I go in depth with my composition. The colors used in my pieces are not always planned but improvised. I let the picture to slowly reveal itself before I establish a color scheme. This provides a more flexible and open ended discussion between the art and the artist.

      My art has flourished from the encouragement and direction of the Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk, Virginia, where my skills have tremendously improved. Under the guidance of the program, I was able to exhibit in various student art shows and galleries. From these shows I’ve allowed open interpretation of my work and received constructive feedback that has helped shaped my current portfolio. I'm currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University.

      It is my intention as an artist to be able to inspire young people to maximize their potential in the field of arts.  In the future, I envision supporting a community of artists from around the world to explore their creative talents, support freedom of expression, and preserve the cultural arts. I believe that everyone has innate artistic abilities.  These will remain hidden unless expressed, unobstructed, and unlimited, be it different interpretations in music, art, literature, dance, and other artistic expressions.  With this, I am determined to keep arts vibrantly alive.